Building Web3 Infrastructure for GenZ

Adamnite Labs is building web3 infrastructure designed to onboard the next 1 billion users to Web3. We are primarily focused on getting GenZ users and developers to utilize blockchain technology to create the next generation of native, decentralized internet apps. This includes being a core contributor to Adamnite, a new layer-1 blockchain dedicated to making blockchain development easier, and the creation of Passport, a Web3 messaging platform and wallet.

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1517 Fund

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Konza Capital


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404 DAO

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College DAO

What we are hacking on


A new decentralized programming environment dedicated to making internet application development easier for young developers. Create, build, and play in a free and open environment.

Adamnite Labs is only a contributor to the Adamnite Protocol. To become a contributor yourself, reach out to the core Adamnite team here.

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A decentralized "everything" app. Send messages, create games, and connect with friends, fellow students, and future dates, all while retaining your privacy.

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We believe that Web3 and the broader class of cryptoeconomic platforms need a combination of fun, usable experiences combined with real-world applications in order to succeed. We are particularly interested in enabling the next generation of social media applications, powered by Adamnite’s secure, open, and private protocol.

If this sounds like something you will be interested in contributing to, please reach out to us